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e-TRAKiT: For Online Permits and Inspections

In an effort to streamline our operations and improve customer service, the City of Colleyville's Building Inspection Department has implemented e-TRAKiT, a software program that will enable citizens and registered contractors to access building permit and code enforcement information.

You can use the e-TRAKiT system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to do many things, such as schedule and inspection, check inspection status and obtain inspection history, check contractor registration information, plan review, and code enforcement case status.


To access the Colleyville e-TRAKiT web page, click here.


Building Inspection Guidelines

The Building Inspection Department is responsible for the enforcement of the City's construction city codes and ordinances.  Many times city codes and ordinances can be complex and difficult to interpret.  The Building Inspection Department, in an effort to simplify some of the complexities of interpreting city codes and ordinances, has developed and or provided informational handouts.

Sidewalk Requirements as of February 2014

On February 4, 2014, the city of Colleyville City Council passed Resolution R-14-3717 that adopted a new sidewalk policy for the city of Colleyville and rescinded the Supplement Sidewalk Map.  The resolution states the issuance of a building permit is contingent on the written commitment of the applicant to construct a sidewalk or pay the required escrow amount. Read more...


 Certificate of Occupancy

To access information on obtaining a certificate of occupancy, click here.

New Certificate of Occupancy 2018

Certificate of Occupancy 2017

Certificate of Occupancy 2016

Certificate of Occupancy 2015

Certificate of Occupancy 2014



Garage Sale Information

To access information on garage sales in the city of Colleyville, click here.



Texas Department of Licensing And Regulation (TDLR) - Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS);  Elimination of Architectural Barriers

If your project's total estimated cost is less than $50,0000.00, you are not required to submit the project to the Department for registration and review, however, the project is still required to comply with TASRead more...

Asbestos Removal Survey Requirements 

If an owner of a public or commercial building will be disturbing any building materials during the course of his or her renovation or demolition, the owner is required to have the materials surveyed for asbestos by a licensed asbestos professional. A survey is required regardless of the age of the building.


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Effective September 1, 2016, the City of Colleyville will begin enforcing the provisions of the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).  The State Legislature enacted H.B. 1736 last year which mandated that the 2015 IECC shall be in effect for the entire state.  All permit submittals beginning 9/1/2016 shall include energy designs that comply with the updated code.

The NCTCOG amendments are included with the new code adoption and a complete list can be found at  A brief video of the applicable code changes may be accessed at  Select “IECC” for the Energy Code provisions.

The City of Colleyville will not be adopting any of the remaining 2015 International Codes for Building, Residential, Plumbing, Mechanical, etc. as this action is limited to the Energy Code only.

Final Energy Form



The city of Colleyville Building Inspection Department works together with the Community Development Department.



Interactive Voice Response System: for scheduling inspections by phone


In an effort to streamline operations and improve customer service, the City of Colleyville has implemented an interactive voice response (IVR) system.

We encourage you to use the IVR system to fulfill many of your needs.  You can use the VoicePermits System 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to do many things such as schedule an inspection, reschedule an inspection, cancel an inspection, check inspection status and obtain inspection history.

 Inspection Codes


Permit Application Forms

In an effort to streamline our operations and improve customer service, the City of Colleyville's Building Inspection Department is providing permit application forms on this website.  Should you have any questions regarding any of these forms, please contact the Building Inspection Department at 817.503.1030.

Contractor Registration

To find out about Contractor Registration, click here.

Medical Gas Systems Inspection Requirements

Medical gas systems (med-gas, vacuum, med-air etc.) are to be installed, inspected, and verified by licensed/certified professionals in accordance to state and local laws (e.g. State Plumbing Law, Texas Department of Health, NFPA 99, International Fire Code Section 3006, International Plumbing Code Chapter 12, etc.). Read more... 



Colleyville Erosion Control Procedures

In order to increase consistency in the enforcement of erosion control, the Code Enforcement Department and the Public Works Department has created a two part notification procedure. Read more...

 Irrigation Systems Procedures

 The Texas Legislature adopted House Bill 1656 requiring the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to adopt rules for Landscape Irrigators for the purpose of conserving water.  The TCEQ subsequently revised Chapter 344 of the TEXAS ADMINISTRATIVE CODE and now requires all new landscape irrigation systems and certain altered systems to comply with the new rules.

VEPO Online Backflow Management System


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Accessory Building Information Sheet

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Building Valuation Data and Permit Fee Tables

Lot Drainage Survey Procedure 

Miscellaneous Permit Fees

Fire Department Information

Sign Regulations

City Maps

Restaurant Scores for 2017

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Building Safety Tips

Vepo Online Backflow Management System



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