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Planning & Zoning Commission adds monthly meeting to improve process

Monday, January 22 2018 2:23 PM

The Planning & Zoning Commission has introduced a monthly worksession to provide for more time to review cases and ensure development projects meet Colleyville’s high standards.

Starting this January, P&Z will hold an additional meeting each month in a worksession format to discuss cases before they appear before the commission for a vote. The Planning and Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on certain plans for subdivisions, the rezoning of land, and amendments to the City's development regulations. The first of these worksessions is scheduled for Jan. 22.

Originally, P&Z only had one meeting a month. The additional worksession is open to the public and provides for more discussion between the Commission and applicants.
Other changes to the planning and zoning process include a user-friendly online Active Development Cases map. Now it’s even easier to find out what’s being proposed across Colleyville. Users can click on a current development case to get a look at the proposal. The city is also rolling out new signs that will appear on-site of active development cases so it is easier to get information about each case.

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