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Police: Practice credit/debit card skimmer safety

Saturday, January 20 2018 10:14 AM

Credit card skimmers are a growing concern nationwide and Colleyville is not immune. Skimmers are devices used to steal credit/debit card information and can be placed in any type of credit card reader. Once the information is stolen, thieves can either clone the credit card to make in-store and online purchases or sell the victims information on the Internet. Besides having your money stolen, restoring your credit can take months even years.

Here are some methods to avoid becoming a skimming victim:

  • Before using a credit/debit card, inspect the gas pump, ATM, or credit card reader. Pull and twist the credit card reader and the keypad. If you see anything, loose, crooked or damaged, be suspicious.
  • Thieves who use skimmers are also using various forms of technology. Some use small pinhole cameras to record PIN numbers when they are entered. If you see a hole above the keyboard or beside the monitor, don’t use the machine.Users should cover the keypad with their hand when entering their pin to prevent possible recording.
  • Use an inside ATM where criminals may have less access to install a skimmer.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi is being used to steal card information. Check for Bluetooth skimmers by checking Bluetooth connections on your phone. If you see an unknown network, with lengthy or jumbled numbers or letters, it may be a Bluetooth skimmer. Do not pair your phone. If you insert your card which contains a Bluetooth skimmer, the information can be transmitted directly to the thief’s device.
  • If you suspect a skimmer has been placed on or in a device, contact police.
  • Be cautious and monitor your bank account weekly. Any unusual activity should be reported to your financial institution.


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