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Patrol and Community Policing

Community policing in Colleyville is a philosophy, management style, and organizational design that promotes proactive problem solving and police-community partnerships to address the causes of crime and fear as well as other community issues.  Citizen collaborations with police are the most effective way to safeguard lives, neighborhoods, and cities.  Community policing in Colleyville represents a shift from reactive, incident-driven police service to a more proactive, problem-solving approach.

Community policing is built on the twin foundations of community building and problem solving. It not only expands the list of problems in which the police become involved, but also expands the range of options that officers can use to solve problems, from short-term solitary interventions to long-term collaborative, community based problem solving.

Our commitment to community policing reasses who is responsible for public safety and redefines the roles and relationships between our department and the community.  It requires a shared ownership, shared decision making, and shared accountability.

Community policing is not a program, it is a philosophy.  It is not just what we say, it is what we do!


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