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Required Alarm Permit

The city of Colleyville strives to provide the highest level of service to residents and businesses. As of January 2006, Alarm Ordinance 05-1544 requires all residential and business alarms to be permitted. 
Residential/Business Alarm Permit Application

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Registration is simple. Permit applications can be downloaded from this website, picked up at Colleyville City Hall (100 Main Street) in the Finance Department, or at the Colleyville Justice Center Records Department (5201 Riverwalk Drive). The cost of an alarm permit is $25 annually.

Alarm Permit FAQ

In 2004, Colleyville police responded to 2,434 residential and commercial calls. Projections for this year exceed 2,500. The cost for police manpower (excluding equipment, vehicle, and fuel costs) is approximately $44,396 annually—roughly the salary of one patrol officer. In 2010, about 99 percent of business and residential alarms calls responded to by the Colleyville Police Department were false.  Last year the city spent about $261,000 responding to false alarms and nearly an hour in offices' time clearing each false alarm call.

In an effort to curb false alarms, increase administrative efficiency, and better serve Colleyville residents, PMAM Alarm Management has been hired to implement their False Alarm Management Solution (FAMS).  The full-service, interactive web-based application is expected to reduce the number of false alarms by 25 percent within 18 months and raise the alarm compliance rate from 21 percent to at least 40 percent. FAMS will be fully implemented on January 2, 2012.

What does a permit cost, and when is the deadline for obtaining a permit?
Permits cost $25 annually. The ordinance for obtaining a permit became effective January 1, 2006. The current ordinance updated in 2011 is available here.

How do I register and pay for my permit? 
Click here and to apply and pay for your alarm permit online.
Will the Colleyville police respond to my alarm even if I don’t obtain a permit?
Permit registration is mandatory, but the safety of our citizens is our first priority. Nothing in this policy will change that. Police will continue to respond to any and all alarms, regardless of the permit status of any Colleyville household or business. However, when police respond to an alarm that doesn’t have a permit registered, a citation may be issued.
I’ve never had to register for an alarm permit in Colleyville. Why is permitting mandatory now?
False alarms have become a public safety issue. Police time and resources spent responding to an overwhelming number of false alarms are time and resources not spent on real safety issues. Invalid alarm calls have become epidemic across the country, including in Colleyville. Even though 99% of all alarm calls are false, police must give them first-priority status. Cities are requiring mandatory alarm permits to increase owner diligence in properly setting alarms to lower the occurrences of false alarms. In addition, mandatory permits allow public safety officials to maintain up-to-date owner contact information to more quickly resolve alarm calls, or in case of other critical emergencies.
If I do have a false alarm, will I be charged when the police respond?
If there are more than three false alarms at the same residence or business within a 12-month period, the city may assess a fine.
What is the fine for not registering my alarm?
A fine of up to $200 (with additional state fees) may be assessed for failure to obtain an alarm permit.
I have a monitored alarm system.  Do I still have to register my alarm?
Yes. A permit is necessary for all alarms that are intended to summon police through a monitoring company or a signaling device.
I don’t have an alarm system.  Do I still have to register?
No. Only those alarms that are intended to summon police through a monitoring company or a signaling device are required to be permitted.
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