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Residential Lockbox Program

The city of Colleyville's residential lockbox program is sponsored by the Colleyville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association and is designed to expedite access to senior adults in their homes during medical or other emergencies. The lockbox program reduces the likelihood of property damage caused by first responders forcing entry into a home in response to an emergency call.

The residential lockbox program is open to all Colleyville residents who either live alone or must be left alone on a regular basis AND...

-Are age 65 and above, or

-Are under 65 with a major medical issue that could render them incapacitated or unconscious.


1. The eligible participant will complete a residential lockbox program application with the Colleyville Police Department.  Applications may be downloaded from this site, picked up at the front desk of the Justice Center (5201 Riverwalk Drive), or obtained from any Colleyville police officer. Download an applicaton

2. Completed applications should be dropped off at the front desk of the Justice Center or e-mailed to

3. Once the application is approved, the crime prevention officer will contact the participant at their home to explain the program.

4. The participant will provide a spare house key to the officer, at which time the officer will place the key inside the lockbox and set the combination.

5. The officer will determine the best location for the lockbox to allow quick access for emergency responders, but is not readily visible to typical street or pedestrian traffic.

6. The lockbox will only be used during an emergency call and when responders cannot make entry without using force. At no other time will the lockbox be used or will entry be made without authorization.

7. The lockboxes will be provided at minimal cost and financial assistance is available when needed.

8. A participant may withdraw from the residential lockbox program at any time by contacting the Colleyville Police Department at 817.503.1200.  After the key is returned to the participant, the empty lockbox will be removed from the residence and returned to the police department.


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