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As Colleyville continues to grow, effective traffic control is important in maintaining a high quality of life. The traffic unit’s primary responsibilities are prevention and investigation of traffic accidents.

These officers are trained peace officers with advanced accident investigation and reconstruction training. The division works to prevent accidents and subsequent injuries by strictly enforcing traffic laws and ensuring proper installation of control devices to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic. When accidents occur, well-trained officers investigate the cause and make recommendations to prevent further accidents. All citizens desire a safe, orderly flow of traffic; therefore, the Traffic Division encourages citizens to contact the Police Department if they observe problems that may need to be addressed. 

Radar Trailer
The Colleyville Police Department receives frequent calls about speeding vehicles on the streets and roadways of Colleyville, specifically in residential areas where children, joggers, and bike riders may be present. The Police Department assigns officers to work those areas as frequently as call load and staffing allow. There are numerous methods used by police agencies to encourage voluntary compliance from drivers, including a radar trailer. In 2007, the Colleyville Police Department received a specialized radar trailer for this purpose. The trailer is equipped with radar to monitor the speed of approaching vehicles. The vehicle’s speed is displayed on a lit screen for the driver to see and flashes if the driver is exceeding the posted speed limit. Citations are not issued on readings from the radar trailer’s display; however, an officer may be posted nearby who may issue speeding citations. Please help keep the streets of Colleyville safe by driving at or below the posted speed limit.

If you have an area of roadway that you feel needs monitoring by either the trailer or an officer, please feel free to contact
The Traffic Division can be reached at 817.503.1221.


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